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Nurturing the Mother® Certification 24 CE

Nurturing the Mother® Certification 24 CE
Instructor: Claire Marie Miller Credit: 24 hours
Web site:

Description: With Claire Marie Miller Seminars Inc. Nurturing the Mother® Certification 24 CE, the student will receive 24 CE hours and be able to give a safe and effective pregnancy massage for all trimesters.

Students will learn cautions and contraindications for pregnancy and postpartum massage, as well as be able to give a labor massage and labor support. Newborn and infant massage training will also be instructed. Students will be guided to teach parents on how to massage their newborn baby.

The Nurturing the Mother ® Certification 24 CE seminar includes lecture, massage demonstration, and hands-on practicals. Students will also get to practice on a pregnant volunteer, following the Nurturing the Mother® manual written by Claire Marie Miller.

The lecture broaches pregnancy-related contraindications such as pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, and DVT’s. Massage and support is also discussed in correspondence to the various stages of labor. The books Mother Massage by Elaine Stillerman, Massage During Pregnancy by Better Waters, Natural Childbirth the Eastern Way by Wataru Ohashi, and Childbirth Wisdom by Judith Goldsmith are referenced. Finally, basic protocols for a newborn massage are addressed, from Baby’s First Massage, Loving Your Newborn by Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey.

Claire Marie Miller Seminars' teaching method is both warm and frank, which has created lifelong followers of her courses and continued education. Claire Marie Miller, NCTMB provider #6417-00, became inspired to work with women throughout their pregnancies when she received massages during her pregnancies, starting with her first child in 1981.  Claire worked alongside a midwife in California from 1983-1987, supporting her clients and attending home births. To this day, Claire brings her personal story and interconnected philosophy to all of her courses.

Claire has been in healthcare since 1972, massage therapy since 1979, and is one of the original NCTMB providers. Claire’s Nurturing the Mother® program has been a certification since 1990.

For more information on the Claire Marie Miller Seminars' approach, please visit our website at


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