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Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy

Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy

Instructor: Carole Osborne Credit: 32 hours
Web site:

Description: Become a maternity massage therapy specialist. Move far beyond general adaptations for maternity/pregnancy massage in this learner friendly, hands-on certification workshop.


Practice and receive personalized feedback in:
•    deep tissue
•    passive movement
•    neuromuscular
•    reflexive positional release
•    Plus other somatic methods modified for emotional, structural, and physiological challenges of the childbearing year.
Educational Philosophy
Instruction will engage your auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning strengths. In this learner friendly, accessible format, you will benefit from detailed demonstrations, individualized tableside assistance, and excellent teacher/student ratios. Well-paced practice segments, a practicum with pregnant women, and a graphically-rich, extensive student handbook guarantee your assimilation of techniques. Engaging discussions and lectures reinforce the theoretical foundations elaborated in the textbook.
Qualified Students
This certification workshop is designed for experienced graduates of 500 hours diversified somatic programs. Other perinatal professionals are admitted with instructor approval. Please contact us for approval or for any questions.

Specifically, students learn:
•    Relieving common pregnancy pain, dysfunctions, and worries
•    Alleviating musculoskeletal strain and pain
•    Facilitating the physiological processes of gestation
•    Reducing prenatal complications with preventative touch therapies
•    Designing effective, individualized sessions for typical client needs
•    Recognizing potential benefits as well as contraindications and precautions
•    Working with high risk, complicated, and bedrest pregnancies
•    Providing nurturing support and stress reduction
•    Enhancing couples' childbearing experience with touch
•    Modifying your technique repertoire for pregnancy
Labor and Birth
•    Understanding labor physiology and psychology
•    Preparing clients physically and emotionally for birthing
•    Increasing clients' kinesthetic awareness for easier labors
•    Facilitating relaxation, pain reduction, and progress of labor
•    Supporting laboring woman and their partners with touch
•    Managing the practical challenges of providing labor massage therapy
•    Facilitating postpartum physiological adjustments
•    Restoring the abdomen
•    Rebalancing postural and movement patterns
•    Reducing the musculoskeletal strain of mothering tasks
•    Improving post-surgical recovery after Cesarean births
•    Supporting the somato-emotional integration of the childbearing experience
Additional Topics
•    Reviewing relevant touch and maternity research
•    Embodying and guiding efficient, stress free body mechanics
•    Communicating and cooperating with other perinatal healthcare professionals
•    Developing effective promotional strategies for business success
•    Confronting ethical issues in perinatal healthcare

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APMA Approved Courses

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