APMA Member Code of Ethics


  • The APMA member will not misrepresent themselves, their training, their qualifications and the scope of their practice and abilities and will refrain from provide treatments beyond their level of proficiency or scope of practice.
  • The member will when appropriate, refer clients to the appropriately qualified provider when indicated.
  • The member will remain proficient in his/her skills and strive to expand their proficiency through practice, education, and associations.


Business Conduct:

  • The member will not misrepresent or attempt to mislead customers about their business, their services or their price structure in any advertising.
  • The member will maintain the confidentiality of their client’s treatments and provide for secure record and personal information storage.
  • The member will do a complete and thorough intake assessment to determine appropriateness of treatments on all clients.


Client relations and treatments.

  • The member will provide a safe and healing physical, mental and emotional environment.
  • Members will abide by all local, state and national standards of care for their practice.
  • The member will avoid any dual relationships with their clients and not engage in any sexual relationships or act with their clients.


Professional Image

  • The member will conduct oneself in a manner that does not tarnish the image of the Profession of Massage Therapy or Prenatal Massage.
  • The member will promote the profession of Prenatal Massage in a way that is professional through their practice, advertising and associations.
  • The member will always attempt to represent the profession with truthful statements backed up by research and documentation and whenever possible, refute statements by others that are not based on fact.
  • Members will abide by the laws of the land and refrain from unbecoming, immoral or illegal behavior.

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